A bachelor’s program in computer science trains students to design and manage computer infrastructures, networks, and software. A bachelor’s program in computer science typically takes four years to complete and involves coursework that focuses on computer operations and programming. After core classes are completed, participation in hands-on work experience is often necessary to graduate. Due to the complex nature of the computer science curriculum, students should also have a solid understanding of mathematics and the sciences prior to applying.

Computer Science as a discipline has huge scope in almost every industry in the world. The BS in Computer Sciences program essentially focuses on the procedures and concepts used in the development of advanced software systems. This BS Computer Science program helps students with the exploration of the conceptual foundation of Computer Sciences such as its fundamental algorithms, programming language and more. The curriculum provides students with deep knowledge and broad skills regarding modern software and hardware concepts, and introduces students to numerous programming paradigms. In addition, students have the opportunity to choose from a rich set of electives.

The program also provides an excellent foundation for further formal learning and training. The program is also expected to provide environments to put into practice, the principles and techniques learnt during the course of implementation of the program’s curriculum.

Scheme of Study


MTH-323 Calculus & Analytical Geometry 3(3-0)

AAF-302 Financial Accounting 3(3-0)

ENG-322 English Composition & Comprehension 3(3-0)

ECO-408 Introduction to Pakistani Economy 3(3-0)

ISL-321 Islamic Studies OR 2(2-0) or Ethics for Non-Muslims 2(2-0)

+ISL-311 Translation of The Holy Quran -I 1(1–0)

 Semester 2

CSI-302 Programming Fundamentals 4(3-1)

ELE-401 Digital Logic Design 4(3-1)

MTH-324 Multi-variate Calculus 3(3-0)

CSI-304 Discrete Structures 3(3-0)

PST-321 Pakistan Studies 2(2-0)

ENG-422 Technical Writing 3(3-0)

 Semester 3

CSI-401 Data Structure and Algorithms 4(3-1)

CSI-403 Object Oriented Programming 4(3-1)

CSI-407 Computer Networks 4(3-1)

MTH-423 Differential Equations 3(3-0)

PHY-323 Basic Electronics 3(2-1)

STA-321 Introduction to Statistical Theory 3(3-0)

+ISL-411 Translation of The Holy Quran -II 1(1–0)

 Semester 4

CSI-406 Computer Organization and Assembly Language 4(3-1)

CSI-408 Database Systems 4(3-1)

SWE-401 Introduction to Software Engineering 3(3-0)

CSI-410 Wireless Communication 3(3-0)

CSI-412 Numerical Computing 3(3-0)

Semester 5

CSI-503 Theory of Automata 3(3-0)

CSI-505 Professional Practices 3(3-0)

CSI-509 Operating Systems 4(3-1)

ENG-421 Communication Skills 3(3-0)

MTH-424 Linear Algebra 3(3-0)

+ISL-511 Translation of The Holy Quran -III 1(1–0)

Semester 6

CSI-502 Artificial Intelligence 4(3-1)

CSI-504 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3(3-0)

CSI-506 Web Design and Development 3(2-1)

CSI-508 Fundamental of Data Mining 3(3-0)

CSI-512 Distributed Database Systems 3(2-1)


Semester 7

CSI-601 Mobile & Application Development 3(2-1)

CSI-603 Computer Graphics 3(2-1)

SOC-307 Introduction to Sociology 3(3-0)

CSI-605 Parallel & Distributed Computing 3(3-0)

CSI-609 Compiler Construction 3(3-0)

+ISL-611 Translation of The Holy Quran -IV 1(1–0)

Semester 8

CSI-604 Information Security 3(3-0)

Foreign Language* 3(3-0)

*Department can offer any one of the following languages Chinese ,

French, German, English, Persion, Arabic

CSI-630 Project 6(0-6)