The present era is undoubtedly the era of business and corporate ventures. Gone are the times when informal calculations were enough for sale and purchase of commodities. In current times, only those companies and industries survive which have highly educated blood to sprint in their nerves.

Business education has become the most requisite stipulation of modern man. As the economic indicators in Pakistani economy show the positive signs, it has become a permanent source of jobs and business activities. I.Com is the first brick on which the whole edifice of commerce education is to be built. Central College has specially designed a modus operandi to provide the best guidance on the basic concepts of business education.

List of Subjects:


* Urdu

* English

* Islamic Studies

* Translation of Holly Quran

* Principles of Accounting

* Business Math

* Principles of Commerce

* Principles of Economics


* Urdu

* English

* Pakistan Studies

* Translation of Holly Quran

* Principles of Accounting

* Business Statistics

* Principles of Banking

* Commercial Geography

Degree options after

* LLB 

* BS Commerce

* BBA Honors

BS Accounting and Finance

BS International Relations

* BS Geography

BS City and Regional Planning

BS Mass Communication


* BS Applied Geology

* BS Sociology


* BS Business & Information System

* BS Public Administration

* BS Urban Development

BS Physical and Sports Science

* BS Library and Information Science

* BS Oriental Languages

BS Criminology

BS English Literature 

BS Communications Studies

BS Physical Education

BS Development Studies

* BS Economics & Management System

BS in Gender Studies

BS Management

BS Education Honors

BS Archeology

BS Hotel Management

* BS Supply Chain Management

* Associate Degree in Commerce

* Associate Degree in Business Admin.

* BS Business Administration

* BS Accountancy

* BS Economics

* BS English