Twenty first century is the century of computers and computer related fields. It is not only a science in itself it is also handling nearly every field of life. Computer science is an incredibly enjoyable skill; to work on computer is a great fun as well as a respectable way of earning. From medicine to agriculture computers are an essential part of the whole setup. 

As technology continues to advance, and its effects are ever more present, there is an increasing demand for skilled people trained in computer sciences and related disciplines. Central College has special expertise in computer sciences; its faculty is of par excel and busy in research-oriented guideline. ICS is firs step of the student toward the career in computer sciences, software engineering, information technology and other related fields.

List of Subjects:


* Urdu

* English

* Islamic Studies

* Translation of Holly Quran

* Physics  / Statistics

* Computer Science

* Mathematics


* Urdu

* English

* Pakistan Studies

* Translation of Holly Quran

* Physics / Statistics

* Computer Science

* Mathematics

Degree options after ICS

* BS Computer Sciences

* BS Software Engineering

* BS Information Technology

* BS Artificial Intelligence

Robotic & Intelligent Machine Engineering

* BS Data Science

* BS Cyber Security

* System Analyst 

* System Engineering

* Computer Engineering

* Telecommunication Engineering

* Business System Analyst

* Electronic Commerce Expert

 Electrical Engineering

* Digital Marketing Expert

 Materials Engineering

Automotive Engineering

 Building & Architectural Engineering

* Transportation Engineering

Industrial Engineering

* BBA Honors

Environmental Engineering

* Mechatronics Engineering

* Computer Sciences

* Geological Engineering

* Nanotechnology & Materials Engineering

* Textile Engineering

* LLB 

* BS Commerce

* BS Supply Chain Management

* BS Accounting and Finance

* BS International Relations

* BS Business Administration

* BS City and Regional Planning

* BS Hotel Management

* BS English

* BS Applied Geology

* Associate Degree in Business Admin.

* BS Mass Communication

* BS Business & Information System

* BS Economics

* BS Sociology

* BS Physical and Sports Science

* BS English Literature 

* BS Public Administration

* BS Criminology

* BS Archeology

* BS Library and Information Science

* BS Physical Education

* Associate Degree in Commerce

* BS Geography

* BS in Gender Studies

* BS Accountancy



* BS Urban Development

* BS Communications Studies

* BS Oriental Languages

* BS Development Studies

* BS Management

* BS Economics & Management System

* BS Education Honors

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